On this blog I plan to explore in depth my entrepreneurial idea and produce a final project ready for start up or explore maybe why I feel my idea is not worth pursuing for reasons maybe out of my control or personal.
Across this blog you will find my research and development in:

– Target Audience- Who and why I will be marketing my idea towards, why I want to target this specific audience. What they do in their spare time, why they would choice to engage in my idea.

– Marketing materials and opportunities- Where I could possibly market my product, in what media would I market my idea: posters, flyers, print media, online, radio, television, magazines, social media etc- Competition

– The Team- Who will I need to hire in order to run my project smoothly and to a professional standard e.g. to help maintain the website, to respond to emails, to create the apps.

– How is will grow- How I plan to expand my idea, and what plans I will set out to ensure growth within my idea and team. Making sure my idea expands through the local area to surrounding cities and what my plan would be for if my idea got accept for world wide.

– Production costs and challenges- Importantly how much is this idea going to cost to set up. What it will cost to run a website, to run social media channels, creation of apps.

I will also be researching entrepreneurs, what it means to be one and the history and life stories of the ones that have inspired me throughout not only this module but my life.





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