What is it to be an entrepreneur?

Although most people when asked what an entrepreneur is will automatically respond with “An entrepreneur is someone who has started their own business” it is a bit more than that.

When we think of entrepreneurs we think of the big guys: Alan Sugar, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, Walt Disney,  Simon Cowell and Steve Jobs but what about the girls? Even Google Images is biased towards this gender dominated stereotype with its first 1/3 being only pictures of the above names. What about Oprah Winfrey? “She is a multi-talented, successful actress, talk show host, producer, philanthropist and was awarded for being one of the longest-running daytime talk shows ever to have aired, lasting a total of 25 seasons.” (Dan Western, 2016) Thank god for Sara Blakely who is the founder of Spandex a multi-million dollar undergarment company! Lastly, “Cher Wang is the co-founder of HTC, the famous mobile technology company, and as of 2015 has an estimate net worth of $1.6 billion according to Forbes.” (Dan Western, 2016)

Gender may be a stereotype of an entrepreneur along with big headedness, aggression, and manipulation but that does not mean these are correct in any way.

The Online Dictionary describes an entrepreneur:”a person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money” or”one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise”. (Merriam, 2016) Note in both alternates the words “risk” and “business” are stated, if you have neither a business nore take risks to build one being an entrepreneur may not be for you.

I know a lot of small businesses set up in the back room of a studio or a dusty storage room without a penny to their name which are now fully fledged companies with employees and stock control. This did not happen over night and it did not happen because they came into money; it happened because what it takes to be one were already key skills and trates to their personality. They had determination to see it through and for it to be everything they hoped for, they understood not every day was going to a step forwards and sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. They have great time management and managed to work part time jobs to keep them going and to help them afford to keep their dream alive and running.

If you are an entrepreneur then I hold the greatest respect for you, if you are working towards it then my advice is to from the Disney film “Meet the Robinsons” A film about a young inventor who almost gives up on becoming one of the greatest entrepreneur of all time is “Keep moving forward”




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