Idea 3- Uni Con

If the “Business Model Canvas” taught me anything, it is “don’t fall in love with your first idea” (Nguyen Phuong, 2015). The second in this case; after pitching my concept to an online social media focus group I quickly came across a number of hurdles and problems that after sleeping on, made me realise it would be pointless to carry on with this idea.


As you can see it got a number of comments sending me to similar apps which once I took a look at what exactly what I wanted to offer and also a number of people brought up the issue that a lot of food is questionable if it does have gluten or not in it and can be quite dangerous to let a community put in what they think is “gluten free”.

I also pitched my idea to a local app developer I found through Google and I got this email is response:


For an app I wanted to be free to the public, he was sure going to cost myself and the business a lot of money but not only that, he goes on to say that he doesn’t believe there is a database big enough to hold my idea!

So after a lot of consideration I will stop pursuing this idea but I am glad I have done this and done this early on so I know and can work on another idea which may work.

My third and hopefully final idea is to organise and host a comic con but purely made to showcase Universities and what they have to offer by their students presenting and testing their work to potential buyers or investors.

“Comic con is a great place for exposure and it’s a big chance for me to get myself out there”(Morgan Spurlock , 2012)

Comic cons have grown substantially in popularity in the past few years with Disney buying Marvel back in 2009 for $4 billion. Since then they have accelerated the speed in film production for the comic series and some older ones such as “Guardians of the galaxy”. (John Kell, 2015). They have taken not only the UK by storm but the world with San Diego Comic Con selling out every year on the day of ticket release.They offer personal meet-and-greets with Hollywood’s actors and directors, to small-time comic artists to an array of wonderfully creative cosplayers. The shows have something for everyone interested in the comic culture.  

My convention would run every year in the first few weeks in September and tour across the UK so every University has a chance to showcase their work to their demographic and local opportunities. For example a West Midlands con hosted in the NEC center would have a number of the local University’s present:  Wolverhampton uni, Birmingham, Warick, Coventry, Aston etc. Then one for London, then one for Scotland etc.

The Universities would each put in a payment to be at the convention and with this payment they get maybe 10 slots for each section at the con for their students to claim:

Sections of the con:

  • Games development: (games developed by students on all platforms, this includes PC, and VR)
  • Apps (This would blend next to games because some games may be app exclusives but this section is anything app related)
  • Film production and television studies: (here there would be a mini cinema similar to what Cineworld sometimes do for MCM, where you queue up to see a few select trailers students have made and you can give your review on after, or even have a screen and seats in the open so people can come and watch when they want)
  • Illustration and Graphic Design: (this is where illustrators are with a selection of their comics on show and art to purchase or subscribe to)
  • Local businesses (this is current students or recently graduated students who have set up their own business sometimes not related to their degree, they can sell their product or service here)
  • Fashion (in this section would be all the fashion designers and print makers, they will host a fashion show and there would be prizes for categories such as best costume piece, most creative, skill etc)

Having only a small selection of students from each University for each section of the con allows a diverse range of productivity and an equal chance for each University. Also it would provide competition and a reason to push yourself while studying so you can be selected for this chance.

Instead of having celebrities like a typical MCM has there would be investors, and talks with them in what they look for in products or even famous app developers or even BBC and SKY who would come to the event looking for potential recruits. There would be talks throughout the day with each of them and maybe even ex students who used their skills to get where they are now and talk about how they did that.

This I feel would be great for graduating students who may need that push to get their product seen but also for freshers who are new to it and need inspiration in their creative topic.

Along with the Universities paying to be apart of the event I could also include relatable freshers products who would pay for space which I have seen at previous MCM events such as:

  • Dominos pizza – Could possibly give out free pizza or vouchers
  • Cineworld- They do offer a special rate for student subscriptions which they could promote
  • Pure Gym – They also offer a 20% discount on student subscriptions
  • CEX- I see these almost at every comic con and feel they would be interested in my event as it is again their target audience


The event would be open to the public also to see the work and what the Universities have to offer but they would pay on the door a higher price while students would pay half price entry for themselves only. That would also bring in more revenue.

To test my idea I will go to local Universities to pitch my idea to students and higher faculty to gauge an interest.


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