Uni Con- Entrepreneurial Con Idea 3

After an email from my lecturer praising my idea but also shining a torch on some of the overlooked aspects of my idea I decided I needed to sit down and really think about the ligament ability for me to go forward with this idea. She pointed out a few key troubles to me through an email such as:

“It is quite ambitious – for instance, the NEC is very expensive.”

“You should also note that universities do not always work together, they tend to compete.”14642906_10209146662956458_1361434199_n

“Our art, design, media students already have an end of course show to showcase their work. This is aimed at both families and potential employers.”

“So how will you idea be different? Feasible? Attractive to the target client – the universities? Perhaps you need to adapt this to be more niche?”

“What is it about the Comic Con concept that you think would be adaptable to your context?”

(Taken from my email with Annette Naudin)

It was suddenly a lot to think about and consider for my idea. Maybe my idea was too big and ambitious as a first business. I began to feel like I could no longer pursue with this idea but after talking about it to my friend and pitching my idea to them they came back saying that my idea for Universities to come together like events such as EGX and MCM Expo is great but agreeably to large scale for an idea which may or may not work. Why not try a smaller event? Still get big names to come but focus your idea around events such as ICE con and Dragoncon for example. A smaller con but still widely popular among the same target audience.

This got me thinking and re imaging my idea. Yes I would still like to pursue the idea for Universities joining together to pitch their students work but that is such a huge risk to start as my first con why not start small and for the 5 year mark then come onto larger venues with maybe a section in the con for Universities then grow it large where the Universities feature a main role.

For now my con can host local creative talent whether they are a student or not. It will pitch all local businesses and host entrepreneurial guests to do talks with the public and stall holders. It will be inspiring for generations and still work well with students. It will still host the main creative features from fashion design, video tech, game production, photography, illustration etc. I want to keep it a media focused con as that’s my field and a field in which people are struggling to get jobs and are resorting to mainly freelance work. The event will still allow people to show off their work and hopefully gain a work placement or just more revenue for their business.

I will look into:

  • Local businesses- talking to a few and ask if they would be interested and what they would like to see at the event.
  • Smaller cons- by looking at smaller comic con conventions I can get a feel for space, numbers and demand.
  • Smaller sponsors and guests- I may not be able to get the large names i wanted but I should still try and find people who would be interested in talking at this event and people who would sponsor the event.
  • Smaller venues- As i have only been to a few smaller cons I cannot at this time think of a venue in mind so it would be great to have a look at local venues to get a feel for the space and capacity.

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