Final Idea


We currently live in an era like no other where we are more than ever deciding that we want to entrepreneurs. With creative media jobs scarce and with automated life on the rise we have an exponential amount of free time. Infact “608,110 businesses were started in the UK in 2015, a new record compared to 2014’s 581,173 start-ups and 526,447 in 2013” (Maximilian Yoshioka, 2016).  

With social media accessible to everyone and website building sites free and easily manageable it’s never been easier to try and test out your product or service in your spare time or full time and a high percentage of my friends alone all have their own businesses ranging from jewelry stores to fully fledged recording studios earning thousands.

I myself have set up and ran my own business for 3 years using the power of social media and my own drive for my product. It was hard and I didn’t quite understand what I was doing but somehow managed to get quite a large and respected name for myself and my business.

I was never interested in doing business at A Level it all sounded very hard and boring and I was more of a practical person anyway. It wasn’t until University when I began to realize how important business knowledge was to someone working towards a career in the media industry. A lot of graduates and media workers are freelance and you need to learn how to sell yourself pretty quickly with little if not any knowledge on how to present yourself on social media.

It wasn’t until i began this course in MA Social Media did it hit me how easy but easily missed opportunities are on social media in order to build your social profile.

It hit me the other night when a friend of mine in London uploaded a video to Facebook on how to get more response to your emails. He had set up his own magazine in London and it was doing really well, admittedly the magazine wasn’t anything I was interested in but he sold it so well on social media that I subscribed for alerts to it. He was so talented in business management that I was jealous and wished I knew whatever he knew without having to read all the books and take all the classes.


giphy (4).gif

Why is there not a website where people like me who are setting up their own business can go to and learn from daily or weekly. Where other people who have made a business work make short videos about their adventures and help you build yours. It could be sectioned in each sections on how to utilize social media for marketing, which hashtags to use on which day to get the largest interaction etc. There are a number of pay to watch sites which probably do have everything I need but if you are setting up your own business you really probably don’t have that kind of money to be wasting on stuff you could learn by trial and error.

So my idea is to create a site which does this. It will offer tutorials on how to utilize social media to build your online presence. When to post and what to post, who to follow and what to hashtag. There is clearly a rising audience for this from the stats and I already know a few people who could use this and who could contribute to it.  

Questions I need to ask myself though are:

  • How will this be funded if I am offering the service for free?
  • Who will record the videos and talk about the weekly subjects?
  • How many videos will I need before I launch the site?
  • Will it just be videos or blog posts too?


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