Tips for making a Kickstarter video

According to Kickstarter “projects with videos succeed at a much higher rate than those without (50% vs. 30%)’ and they’re ‘by far the best way to get a feel for the emotions, motivations, and character of a project” (ANDREW FOLLETT, 2013).

It makes sense, we live in a digital age where we are constantly uploading videos and photos of our day to day lives. We live and breathe through media and when creating a product to sell there is no excuse these days for not being able to see the product before we invest into an idea. Although with my limited resources such as time and money I may not be able to show off my website and content to the extent in which the videos I will discuss in this post can but by watching these videos I may be able to work around this and think of a creative solution.

Looking on Kickstarter (a site dedicated to literally what it says, kick starting your project, it helps creatives like myself find funding and backers to help build their projects to life), I came across a tutorial page on how to create a professional and interesting pitch videos.

The advice it gave was:

kickstarter help 1 .jpg

Choosing a project image- This is something that had easily slipt my mind as my idea is not a physical product. Looking into their tips on their ‘How to make a great project image’ page i have learnt

  • “Use a project image that is 1024×576 pixels (16:9 ratio)”
  • “Negative space is more attractive to the eye than a cluttered image.”
  • “Showing people what they’ll be helping you create is inspiring and motivating! Your project image is what others will see when your project is shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.”
  • “Be sure to give it life and make it representative of you and what you’re creating.”

Make a compelling video-  Although I have previously made a number of video productions both for my previous business and previous education I have never made a video pitch so I felt this part was very important to focus on and research as a video is probably going to be the first thing any of my customers will see of my project. According to the Kickstarters ‘Let’s Make Your Project Video’ video the three most important aspects of your video are: “clear audio, ample lighting and you and what you are making.”. She demonstrates this clearly in her video as you can see below:

2016-10-27 (2).png

  • “Shootin a quiet area facing a window”-
  • “Make sure you have a script which describes: who you are, what your making, and why people should be excited to get involved”
  • “If you’re camera shy, no problem! Just arrange, photos, prototypes, artifacts, anything you can use to show off your project on a flat surface”
  • “DONT- record in a noisy area”
  • “DON’T- record vertical”
  • “DON’T- point your camera directly into the light source”
  • “DON’T- shake the camera, use a tripod”
  • “DON’T- film in a messy area”

Consider adding captions and subtitles-

Enabling captions do you videos allows your pitch to be understood by anyone across the world.

Get creative-

Although our pitch has been specified to be simple and I do like the KISS approach (Keep It Simple Stupid) which my table discussed in class it is always a great idea to include graphics which emphasise your point. These could be statistical graphs, video overs of the site in use or someone using the site. This just makes the video feel more warm and inviting I feel and more professional.

Looking at these attributed I went and looked at a few of Kickstarter videos and picked them to pieces to what I did like and what I didn’t like and what I could bring together for my own pitch video. Read more here….

Video Brewery. 2013. 5 Must Read Tips for Your First Kickstarter Video. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 27 October 2016].


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