Kickstarter video analysis

I thought this was a great video and had many aspects which I feel would be great for my own pitch video:


  • I liked how it started with an advert for the product, it introduced the product in a nice way and not straight at hard sell. It allowed you to take in what you wanted from the advert to begin with and see the product working and what the product can do for you. It was relatable and professionally filmed.
  • It then went onto show you the product design and the team working, sketches and the product itself being built. I liked this as it showed the passion going into the product and its development.
  • They had a clear, quick and simple mission which was stated straight away into their pitch “Our mission? to make your mornings bright”. This reminded me of a phrase we spoke about in class called ‘KISS’ – Keep It Simple Stupid. It was a very simple and clear mission but it made its point and this is what i need to find for my product.
  • They constantly reassure the customer of their team and their talent talking about their background history in product development and continually show them at work in the HTML and the voice recognition software.
  • “We dreamt of a product which knows what you want before you do”
  • They explain the products capabilities and then demonstrate it in a short advert clip so all there statements are backed up and shown to the buying customer.
  • It then finishes with them asking for the customers help and why they need it. Explaining where the money will go and why they need it.


  • For my project my video has to be at a limit of 2 minutes which this video was over this so if i was to follow this format I would need to re think the structure, what wasnt needed to compensate for the time allowance.


  • This Kickstarter also starts with a kind of advert for the product. They showcase the product on its own and in use which is nice to see.
  • They use graphics over the top of the footage to show the app at work on the phone and shows you what you will see and what you can do with it.
  • They show relatable situations and explain how the device will help you improve on the day-to-day situations
  • It can be social with other dog owners which is a great added touch to the product itself.
  • They explain throughout the advert how the app works, why we should want it and how it will benefit us and our pets.
  • It then goes onto the team and my favorite part was that they explained competitor faults and how they developed passed these and learnt from these and why their product is better which the previous advert didn’t do.
  • Although the developers didn’t talk we got everything we needed to know from the advert itself and it was a nice and creative touch to use the dogs to speak for them.


  • I felt the advert went on for too long.
  • I prefered the way the previous advert cut between the product and the team. They explained the problem then showed the problem happening and how the product helps you around this. They di do this with a voice over but I felt it lacked that connectivity and trust towards the creators which the first video had.
  • I would have liked to have seen the product in development a bit more.
  • It would have been a nice added touch to name and explain each team member even if it was just with an annotation on the screen fora few seconds.


After the first two videos I felt I needed to look more into videos which were more related to my product. I came across this video on Kickstarter for an Online Photography School which is similar to my project. Although my idea is for social media and businesses management we both want to create an online school and share videos and make a community.


  • He explains who he is well and his experience in this field and why we should trust his knowledge in photography.
  • I love his passion for photography that comes through and the personal touch.


  • This video was more simple compared to the other videos, it didn’t involve any high quality graphics or many cut-aways. He didnt offer an actual look at his product which put me off personally.
  • The video is a bit too long I would say, I found myself getting bored with his voice and the video.
  • His passion for photography is great but i feel he talks about it for too long at the beginning.
  • He also says “maybe you are like me, some shots are great, some are awful!”. If we are buying a subscription to you to teach us photography I expect you to be professional and not be taking awful photos.






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