What makes a good video pitch?

After looking at how to make a good kickstarter video and other kickstarter video examples I put together a few things which I feel work well and what not to do when making your own.

In class a group of us put together our key points for making a video. What to do and not to do:




  • Add subtitles If you have the time make subtitles. This makes your video understood to people across the world whether they have a different language or are deaf. The internet is a big place and anyone can access your content.
  • Humour- Humour can work really well if you get it right. It can make your audience feel more comfortable and it creates a sense of trust and friendship. Just don’t over do it as it can become awkward and off-putting.
  • KISS- KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID-  Sometimes it works better when you keep your video simple and focus more on what you are telling your audience. If you go over the top with visual effects and cut aways your idea can get lost along the way and although you have something which is visually great the content is lacking. So for this particular project just keep the pitch simple and when you get closer to launch maybe then make a more professional visual piece to help promote your idea and to use as your kickstarter video.
  • Consider the audience- Make the video specific to someone whether it is the customers, the investors or to potential employees. Keeping this in mind can help you write your script and help make a clear pitch. Each aspect of your audience will be treated and spoken to different so trying to target them all in one pitch will be hard and may make the pitch messy and maybe a little too informative at times.
  • Scenarios- Using examples of scenarios help the viewer picture the problem and see how the product will solve said problem. It will help them relate to the problem and it will make them picture their lives with this product.
  • Tone of the video- Find a tone for your video, up beat and friendly but don’t be too overpowering and excited as it can be off-putting but don’t be boring and bland as people will turn off. You only have two minutes to sell not only the product but yourself. Be someone you would trust and want to invest in.
  • Use a script- The video has to be quick and snappy, you need to get everything you need to say in a very small time frame so having a script handy can really help you stay on track and say everything that needs to be said.



  • Dont overcomplicate- KISS- Keep it simple stupid! Over thinking your idea and trying to put too much into it may actually take away from to product itself. Dont use too much jargon and phrases that people who don’t have the knowledge or skills wouldn’t know. This video is pitching to everyone so what you say needs to be understood my everyone so keep it simple.
  • Be robotic- Have personality! It makes it easier to watch and makes you more approachable. Being robotic doesn’t allow you to show your passion for your idea and most people will stop listening very quickly to you.
  • Quality- Make sure you are not over exposed, under exposed and that you have a good quality microphone! Although your product might not be ready yet if you present your self professionally the audience is more likely to trust you and it just makes for a better appearance.

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