Small Business stats

Since my idea is aimed at small businesses and young entrepreneurs it is vital that I analyse a few of the key statistics from over the past 3 years to help me better understand my audience.

From the ‘Department for Business and Innovation and skills: Statitictical Release‘ in 2015 I came across a number of key stats and information which can better help me understand my audience.

  • There were a record 5.4 million private sector businesses at the start of 2015. This is an increase of 146,000 since 2014 and 1.9 million more since 2000
  • There were 5.3 million small business (with 0 to 49 employees), which is 99.3% of the total business population .
  • non-employing businesses accounted for 90% of total growth over the period  the increasing number of non-employing businesses was strongly related to changes in the headline self-employment rate, but also increasing numbers of non-employing companies (operating with just one employee director)

(Steven White- Department for Business and Innovation Skills ,2015)

The next set of stats come from ‘Chris Rodes, in Business Statistics’.

  •  In 2016, there were 5.5 million businesses in the UK.
  • Over 99% of businesses are Small or Medium Sized businesses – employing 0-249 people
  • 5.3 million (96%) businesses were micro-businesses – employing 0-9 people. Microbusinesses accounted for 32% of employment and 19% of turnover
  •  In London, there were 1,464 businesses per 10,000 resident adults. In the North East there were 679 per 10,000 resident adults.
  • The service industries accounted for 74% of businesses, 79% of employment and 72% of turnover.
  • The manufacturing sector accounted for 5% of businesses, 10% of employment and 15% of turnover.
  • There were 351,000 business births and 246,000 business deaths in 2014.
  • 20% of SMEs are female-led, and in October 2015 it was announced that 26% of FTSE100 board members were female.

business in the uk.png


Here you can see that from 2000-2016 there has been an increase of 2,031, 000 businesses set up. Yet the amount that are employers are decreasing year on year. So more people are setting up businesses on their own and running them single-handedly which is interesting for my project as my site can teach them the skills they need to run a business on their own without out sourcing their social media.


  • In 2014 in the UK, there were 351,000 business births, up 4,000 on the previous year. Business births outnumber business deaths by 105,000 in 2014, the second largest margin since the series began (the largest margin was in 2013).


(Chris Rodes- Business Statistics, 2015)

Finally I came across another article in the Telegraph reporting on a recent study which found that “the under-35 age bracket saw the steepest increase in activity. In 2006 there were 145,104 companies founded by young people. By 2013 it had jumped to 247,049.

Young men are leading the charge in the start-up stakes, however. The figures show that 74pc of these new firms are run by men, while just 26pc are founded by women.” (Rebecca Burn-Callander,2014)







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