Value Proposition

Understanding a strong Value Proposition for your business is important and actually testing it with can be key to sucess or failure.

After making my Business Model Canvas I moved onto looking at the Value Proposition Canvas which I found through Youtube tutorials. After learning more about it and watching key examples such as Amazons Value Proposition I came up with my own:

More times.jpg

I started on the right hand side as it is important to understand your customers before deisgning the product. You want the values you will hold to be want the customer needs. ]

My target audience is young professionals who are currently still in education or maybe out of education due to full time work or financial issues. Most of these people will be worrying over their courswork, work, chores, relationships, children and or family. They will be juggling all these things and will not have time for anything else.

Which leads us on to the customer pains. Due to being a student or working full time they won’t have the time or maybe feel like they don’t have the experience. Others may not be able to afford to go to higher education or even afford educational books.

Which my product- (a free educational site dedicated to providing high quality free educational content to the public) will help.

It’s pain relieves will be that my customers will no longer have to carry around heavy books. They will be able to learn in their own time whether it is on the bus to work, train home, late at night as it is online whenever they are. It will give advice for people who need it and more specific advice to our paid members

These pain relives will help them gain independance, a secure financial future, their own business so they can see their friends and family when they choose.



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