Key Activites

It is important to define what are your key activities.

The Key activities are the ones which are essential to creating value to your Value Proposition.

According to the Business Model Generation book there are 3 types of activities.

  • Production- “These activities relate to designing, making and delivering a product in substantial quantities and/or superior quality.”
  • Problem Solving- “Key Activities of this type relate to coming up with new solutions to individual customer problems.”
  • Platform/Networking- “Business models designed with a platform as a Key Resource are dominated by platform or network related Key Activities. Networks, matchmaking platforms, software, and even brands can function as a platform”

Busines Model Generation, Page 37

In further research I came across these questions on “Cleverism”-

Based on our value propositions, what kinds of activities are key to our business?

I will need to visit schools and universities giving classes on using social media for SME. Or even host classes at our office for our members to come to if they prefer one to one classes. But we will also need to make sure that we are updating our website daily with up to date news, tutorials and classes.

I will also need to work hard to get sponsors for our business to keep the majority of the site free to the general public as this was a key factor in our value proposition.

What kinds of activities are important if we want to maintain our customer relationships?

We will need to be incredibly interactive on our social media channels to make sure everyone is responded to on quick and professional basis.

We will also send out weekly email alerts with that week’s top tips, latest news, and new videos. This allows us to keep in contact with everyone whether they interact with us personally or not.

It also makes people feel more special and part of a selected group.

What kinds of activities are fundamental to our revenue streams?


A video I found very useful was this one below:






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