Survey- Focus Group

For my survey I hand selected a few people who I knew had recently set up their own business within the local area. I also shared the survey to an online facebook SME community where I managed to get a few more contributions.



This information tells me which social media channels to focus my content and tutorial videos towards. With Facebook in the lead I will need to dedicate most of my content towards this platform.


Most of my focus group had little to no educational classes in social media and business managment prior to starting their own businesses. This show that a website like mine is much needed within this market.



My last question shows that most people watch videos to learn more in this field. Almost all of my focus group turn to You Tube for help and advice on their entrepreneurial venture.

I left the question very vauge and not really pointing towards my business as I learnt through the mom test that you need to better understand what your audience really needs and wants before pitching your idea. This allows them to be critical and honest instead of shying away in hope to not upset you

Read more on the mom test here: Mom Test

This next survey was to get a better understanding of what my target audience would pay for my product. I explained the three packages and asked for their recommeneded price for each.



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