Value Proposition

Understanding a strong Value Proposition for your business is important and actually testing it with can be key to sucess or failure. After making my Business Model Canvas I moved onto looking at the Value Proposition Canvas which I found through Youtube tutorials. After learning more about it and watching key examples such as Amazons … Continue reading Value Proposition


Here are a few of the loans and grants I have found local to me which I can use for m finance plans:   Princes Trust LOAN Amount: up to £7,500 Interest: 6% Maximum employees: ? Repayment: ?  Business Development Grant Scheme – Start-up grant GRANT Amount: up to £1,000 Interest: none Maximum … Continue reading Loans

SWOT and PESTAL Analysis

A SWOT analysis is a strategic planning method to evaluate: Strengths- Characteristics which give the business a competitive edge Weaknesses- Limitations or deficiencies of the business Opportunities- Chances to improve business performance Threats- External factors affecting the business When looking deeper into your opportunities and threats which may sway your business it is easy to use … Continue reading SWOT and PESTAL Analysis