Key Activites

It is important to define what are your key activities. The Key activities are the ones which are essential to creating value to your Value Proposition. According to the Business Model Generation book there are 3 types of activities. Production- "These activities relate to designing, making and delivering a product in substantial quantities and/or superior … Continue reading Key Activites


Value Proposition

Understanding a strong Value Proposition for your business is important and actually testing it with can be key to sucess or failure. After making my Business Model Canvas I moved onto looking at the Value Proposition Canvas which I found through Youtube tutorials. After learning more about it and watching key examples such as Amazons … Continue reading Value Proposition


Here are a few of the loans and grants I have found local to me which I can use for m finance plans:   Princes Trust LOAN Amount: up to £7,500 Interest: 6% Maximum employees: ? Repayment: ?  Business Development Grant Scheme – Start-up grant GRANT Amount: up to £1,000 Interest: none Maximum … Continue reading Loans

SWOT and PESTAL Analysis

A SWOT analysis is a strategic planning method to evaluate: Strengths- Characteristics which give the business a competitive edge Weaknesses- Limitations or deficiencies of the business Opportunities- Chances to improve business performance Threats- External factors affecting the business When looking deeper into your opportunities and threats which may sway your business it is easy to use … Continue reading SWOT and PESTAL Analysis